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Fat pigeon has completed one successful year recently. They have decided to introduce some new dishes and we were there to check them out. Some really amazing dishes. Stay tuned.

Lets get started.



The place from the outside is all normal, you cant judge whats inside. Once you are on the main floor then that is some spectacular views and seating. They have like a lot of sections. The terrace seating and the outside one with a screen is the best when you have some good weather. On the inside they have a bar counter in the centre with tables all around.

They have like music and Dj’s as well. The place can accomodate around 600 people in such events. A lot of high chairs , wooden tables around. Every wall inside has an amazing story and memories on it. Every thing is beautifully done and well maintained.


Soups and Salads:

We started with two sops. Fungus soup for the vegetarian and Seafood broth for the non vegetarian. The seafood one had a seafood stock base packed with flavour. Perfectly seasoned thin soup. The fungus soup on the other hand was a cream based mushroom soup. This is classified as a thick soup. It had a good flavour and chunks of mushroom add on to the taste.

Again we had two salads , Organic vegetable salad and Santa fe chicken salad. The organic vegetable had some rocket lettuce , iceberg lettuce , caramelized walnuts , Figs , orange segments tossed in a honey mustard dressing topped with asparagus tips, feta and pomegranate. This was perfectly balanced. Sweet , spice , sour all balanced.

The Santa fe chicken has a well marinated grilled chicken on the side with a salad made of lettuce , olives , tomato and some nachos to add crunch. The salad as light and was just tossed with the light dressing as a salad needs to be done .
I love both the salads.



We tried Frozen fruit mojito, Candy apple , Ginger water ,Salsa orange and cool cucumber.

The best being Candy apple and cool cucumber. All of them were refreshing and well presented.



We had a lot of them. We’ll have a look at them.First lets start with the vegetarian ones.


The fat pani puri was the first, it had 4 different flavored water. (mint, sweet , dry mango and butter milk). It had fillings of chana and potato. On the side they also had a small portion of dahi wada. Again , really well done. The dahi wada was soft and the chutneys with dahi made it even better.


The Veg fat hats were like canapes , Cups filled with cottage cheese and corn ,and topped with toasted peanuts to add crunch. It is slightly sweet and reminded me of the Kolkata style chat that we get in Hyderabad on the roads.(where they have jaal muri , toast and all). It had 3 condiments on the side.


The trio bruschetta was the another vegetarian one. It had 2 pieces of tomato , hung curd and mushroom bruschettas. The crystal dumplings had vegetables, water chestnuts a bit of mushroom as well in it. The outer dough was thin and once steamed you could see whats on the inside.


Non Vegetarian :

All of the were top notch. The first one was the 28 hour brined grilled chicken. It was brined with soya sauce , sugar , vinegar etc. So the soya flavour is very much evident. The Brining made the chicken tender and was cooked to perfection. It was served on some sauce which went really well.


The Red paprika Barbeque prawns were marinated with paprika and barbequed. The size of the prawns were very good served with some croutons and cucumber strips with a little spicy mayo.


The pesto basil smokey chicken was good as well but i wonder why they mentioned basil after mentioning pesto on it because pesto itself is made with basil. But again cooked to perfection.

The mutton gol gol are similar to meatballs but these were cooked in a tandoor. So this is something like a seekh kebab in a ball shape. Flavourful and juicy.

Grilled chicken sandwich pizza as the name suggests is with all the pizza components put into a sandwich.

The tandoori chicken bao was good as well. This was the first time i tried bao. It was fluffy and soft. The filling though I felt slightly grainy (in the sauce). It had picled onions that added a slight tang to cut down the richness.


Main course:

We had 3 main courses , all of them being Non vegetarian. Sorry for not trying a vegetarian one. Skipped my mind.

The first one was a confee chicken leg. It was served with a salad and mashed potato on the sides. This was on the sweeter side. The same was used for the sauce. But the chicken was nicely cooked and went well the the mash.


Pepper crusted crispy skin salmon was a good fillet of salmon , The orange flesh was a treat to watch. It has crisp skin and to add a few more some more was put on the side. It had blanched asparagus tips , Semi mashed Peas , snap peas, sour cream , cherry tomatoes and a lemon based sauce to go with it.


Another delight was the tender meat from the ’48 hour slow cooked lamb’. Even this had a side of a salad and mashed potato piped beautifully. The cooking process ensured the lamb was tender and just falling apart. Pure delight.



Deconstructed Banana Cheesecake was really well presented. But all the textures were made with something very sweet. I don’t often go for strong flavours like banana for cheesecake as its overpowering and leaves no taste of the cream cheese. I would have liked if there was a cookie or biscuit crunch instead of the caramel crunch. This was not that great when compared to the rest of the food.


The brownie was good but again had butterscotch icecream , Walnuts and caramel. If it was plain and classical it would have been much better, not that this was not good but the classics are classics. Walnut brownie with french vanilla would have been an amzing one.


The tiramisu had everything done perfect but stilled missed the kick. The sponge was soft, well soaked yet missed a punch. The mascaporne was smooth but when put together lacked a kick.


A little work on the desserts would end on a good note.

Service, Pricing and Location:

The service was quick and prompt. A lady was alloted for the table who looked after every need in a courteous way. She has done a tremendous job. No complaints what so ever. (Sorry , I didn’t ask her name)

The pricing is moderate for the quality and efforts put into it. Quality food, great ambience, amazing service. You might feel the pricing is slightly high but the experience is worth it. Even i was one who felt the price to be high.

Address: Plot 1335/A, Road 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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