Taco Bell – U.S. chain with Mexican food

Taco bell is a chain from the United States of America serving mexican food. The have about 7000 stores in the U.S. alone.

Taco bell serves nachos , tacos , burritos and much more. Apart from the classic ones they have got new twists to the classics. Lets have a look at a few of them.



Its got slightly rustic looking ambience. The tables and chairs made of wood with a good shine. They have matches or sports screened on the T.V.A 2 dimensional Image of The Cyber towers on one side of the wall and some bar style seating on the other. The counter to place your order is pretty big , you place your order and get a number to be placed on the table, the food is served according to your number.


We tried lots of food here.

Lets start with the Fajita chicken burrito. It has a good amount of rice with some decent serving of fajita rub chicken. I felt it needed a little more of the refried beans or the kidney beans. This was not something really good. It was decent.


Then we moved onto the Mexican pizza. It is not like a regular pizza. It had thin crisp bases with some sauce and veggies in between towered up. The top had their signature nachos cheese sauce which added on. This was seriously amazing. Both chicken and vegetarian were good.


We also had the Mexican Paneer rice bowl, crispy chicken , Chicken quesadillas , Chalupa , double decker taco, nachos and salsa and the corn salad as well.

The chalupa had a thicker version of the shell , fillled with fresh veggies. It was really good. The nachos though didn’t impress that much , but again were decent.

The double decker taco has a hard shell on the inside with fillings. This again has a soft shell on the outside. The quesadillas on the other hand were pretty thin ( less of the filling as you can see).


The Meals are total value for money I would say. Get 4 @ 229 is one such deal which has fries , burrito , a taco and free unlimited cold drink.


The deseerts though totally blew me away. The Chocolate caramel tostadas being the best. As you know you aren’t totally satisfied with anything this was another case. A little more of the topping would be great. Loved it totally.

The Chocodilla was decent as well. Has a good amount of chocochips stuffed like a quesadilla.

Pricing and location:

You might feel the pricing is a bit higher when you compare it to other fast food chains. A few are high on price , a few are reasonably priced. Its actually on what you choose. The meals though are total value for money.

But its something new to all of us. But its not pricey for what they serve. They’ve got their standards and quality upright.

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