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Wich Way as we all know deals with some of really good sandwiches, sundaes, all day breakfast, beverages etc. They have 3 locations operating already.

But this one is a different one from the rest. The management is planning to come up with 2 more stores soon in Sainikpuri and Gachibowli. The are either Q.S.R. (quick service restaurant) or a Cafe style. Depends on the area they have got.

This one is located on Road number 22 , Jubilee hills is spread on a huge space and is their first cafe model. You have an all English breakfast with eggs , sausages , bacon , hash browns etc, along with sandwiches , shakes , french toast and pancakes.

More importantly for a place like this in jubilee hills the pricing is very affordable and can be considered as budget friendly eats.


This has a cafe style look to it with some simple interiors and decors on the walls. They have 4 sections or partitions. You can choose your own. The tables are lined with red and white checked cloths which give that old cafe feel to it.

Some walls are done with some beautiful artwork all around the place. Its got everything it needs.

Monster Challenge:

This place has got a challenge for the monster in you. So the task is for 2 people to complete a monster platter consisting of 8 egg cheese omelette, sausages, fiery wings, toasted bread, sauteed mushrooms, fries, grilled chicken, chicken popcorn and grilled tomatoes. All this must be completed within 5 minutes. If you complete this on time your entire table will be free. Everything ordered on the table is free. Terms and conditions would be explained by the management. This is something that has already been achieved by 3 teams now. So its not impossible, just slightly tough.



We started with the Ol’English fryup which has two eggs sunny side up , sausages, grilled tomato , hash brown,  roasted chicken and toasted bread. This is something that i wish everyday. Simple things such as eggs are beautifully done. The sausages are juicy and have a little cheese in it. The grilled chicken as well had a good flavour to it. This is the best breakfast what I can get around.


We had a few milkshakes as well. The brownie one was the best of them. Kitkat and Caramel were also pretty decent. Creamy , chilled and rich in taste. Also some cappuccino.

Then we had the chicken and mushroom omelette. This was again really well done with some sliced chicken and mushrooms stuffed in it.

We had some garlic bread loaded with veggies and cheese. Another good choice.

We had fiery wings as well. The wings are coated in Bhoot Jolokia sauce. It is also known as ghost chilly. The ghost chili is rated at more than 1 million scoville heat units. (info from wikipedia). You can give it a try if you think you can survive the heat.

Then we had their pizzas one had minced chicken with veggies and the other with different varieties of chicken ( like chunks, sausages , salami etc.), Their fried chicken  sandwich was another amazing one with the bread made in house which was very soft. It was sandwiched with fried chicken and a mayo based salad then grilled.

The BLT burger was loaded with bacon and fries. Looked absolutely amazing but we have not tasted it.

Then we moved onto their desserts. Even though these are called as desserts you can have them at any time of the day , any course.

The first one was a nutella and peanut butter french toast. It was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce. This was really yum. The warm french toat with the ice cream was just heavenly.

The blueberry pancake though was a little disappointment. The pancakes had the egg smell and also the blue berry filling is something that is no where close to the actual. So I generally avoid these.

The last one for the day was their Hot fat cookie. This something very new. As soon as the order is received they bake the cookie right away. The hot cookie is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream a well. The center is hot and soft. Tasted absolutely amazing.

Pricing and Location:

The pricing makes it a perfect place to hang out or eat your heart out. Very reasonable and affordable pricing. It more like priced for college going kids who have a restricted budget yet need amazing food. This is your place.


Road 22, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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