Roastery coffee house – The Park Hyderabad

Roastery has completed one year successfully in Hyderabad. Its now the best place with finest coffees and food. The coffee is roasted and ground freshly on site. They offer a good variety of single origin coffee from Mandelkhan Estate, Karnataka. The same can be  and are used for either cold brews, regular brews or something like espresso and cappuccino. You can actually call that they have artisan coffee.

So everything from roasting , grinding , filtering , brewing etc is done on site.

After a successful run at Banjara hills they have taken a big step to offer similar experience at The Park , Hyderabad.


There is no actual comparison with the coffee powder what you get outside or the instant coffee. Certainly they have mastered the art with some amazing people behind these perfect cup of coffees and coffee art.

They are already up and started their operations there with the same quality and finesse at Banjara hills.

Its not just the coffee but a few variants like the cappuccino are served in hand made artistic cups.

Lets have a small look into their official launch in The Park.

It was a small yet an amazing gathering. They had a few clips put up about the coffee plantation and then about the process of extracting the brew. When you think of coffee you think of roastery.

The setup at The Park has about 6 tables on the inside with a big counter where they make your coffees on order. Its beautifully done. Cozy and comfortable seating.

We had a good Hi Tea setup with a wide choice of Croissants, Danishes, doughnuts, nutrition bars, Entremets, Focaccia and a lot more.

Apart from the above a few savory finger food were also served. The mezze platter was an amazing one. A crispy prawn appetizer, malai broccoli and chicken , Asian rolls (not sure about the name), vegetable batons and a dip, some pizzas etc.

Over all the main focus is and was on coffee. Also they have a collaboration with Jameson Irish whiskey. So you can expect some good irish coffee with alcohol as well.


You are always happy when you get a bag of goodies to take away. The bag had 2 vouchers, some coffee beans blend , muffins and some orange truffles.


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