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The city of Hyderabad is emerging as one of the fastest cities for restaurants and food shacks. Numerous places opening up every now and then, a lot going unnoticed as well. This new place has made its way to Jubilee hills, wowing every local around.

The place is huge with a partying place attached to it under the name TOT. Lets check out their food and ambience.



The place is occupied over a vast space. The interiors are beautifully done. A lot of metal , wood and stone is used to get the ambience speaking. The area has got no specific symmetry where you actually have similar seating all across the place but each and every corner has a different story and a differently done surroundings.

This has two levels. The bottom one is a very dim , low light interior but with some good antique style elements. The top level has bright light in the afternoon , with a DJ set if required for parties. The top also has a small cabin like section with some amazing creativity on the walls.

The bar counter needs a special mention though. This undoubtedly is one of the classiest bar setup in town. Take a look at it.



We had some really good food and mocktails. It all started with their starters.

Whats good is that all the cups, props required for the presentation are made in house. All in the sense that can be made like coconut cups, onion rings stand etc. Not the crockery.

We had onion rings first. To start with them was something special and you know you are in for a feast. Perfectly crumbed onion rings, crispy outside and soft onion on the inside was just too goo. The mayo dip along with it was a killer combo. A must try.

Along with the onion rings i had a virgin mojito which went good with onion rings. A perfect combo for some snacking.



For the vegetarian starters we had chay chay vegetables, mac n cheese balls , subz gilafi and nachos.

The chay chay vegetables are crisp batter fried assorted vegetables which were tossed in a dry aromat mix of onion , garlic and chillies. Really loved these.

The mac and cheese balls as you all might know. Mac and cheese shaped into balls , crumb coated and deep fried. Could have been a bit more cheesy. Personal opinion.

The subz gilafi were a mix of veggies that were skewed onto bamboo skewers and finished on a tawa. The flavour was balanced. Yet another good one to have.

The nachos again have these made everything in house from scratch. I wouldn’t say these were the best I have had but they were pretty decent.

For the non vegetarian ones we had Sambal fish, wasabi prawns and paprika paneer tikka.

The sambal fish was one amazing appetizer. The fish was deep fried until crisp and tossed with the sambal paste. Loved this version of theirs. A must try.

The wasabi prawns had a tinge of wasabi with mayo mixed in. The dipping sauce along with it actually balanced it out but then I didn’t really love it. It was decent though.

The Paprika chicken tikka was served in jar with some smoke in it. Tasted pretty good.


We had natures love, green queen , marito , affair yoyo and Mak for mocktails.

Green queen: pineapple juice and curry leaves with a little chilly kick.

Marito: An orange juice based mocktail.

Natures love: A cucumber based cooler.

Affair yoyo: in house specialty. Oreo base milkshake. (must try)


Then we had the pizzas. Verdure miste pizza for vegetarian and blackened chicken for non veg.

Verdure miste is a mixed vegetable pizza. Blackened chicken was good as well.

The crust though is rustic and i love such pizza crusts.


Main course:

For the mains we had maa di daal.

So basically these are individually curated meals. When you order maa di daal you get it with a portion of rice and bread.

Though this was not the best daal , it was a good and innovative approach.


The chicken in chilly basil with jasmine rice was a big hit for me. Though the rice was not a regular one and was a sticky version I would have preferred regular long grained rice. A must try again.

The tawa biryani was one another star. It was a chicken tawa biryani loaded with brown onions. That was the best part. A must try.

Apart from these there was bloody mary spaghetti which was a great take of bloody mary cocktail in the pasa. It haven’t tasted it though.

Then we moved to the desserts.


The churros looked beautiful. Crisp from the outside and fluffy on the inside. This was served with a chocolate dip. I again haven’t tasted it.

The pavlova was really good. Dried Italian meringue served with a berry coulis and whipped cream. Simple yet amazing.

The last one was a specialty by chef Ahmed sha and was named after him.

Galaxy by chef ahmed sha.

This is a huge dessert with some chocolate mini pastries, moulded chocolates, macrons and a chocolate dome.

The take is pretty good but the taste could be better.

The macrons were crisp all the way, unlike the actual ones. Also they were sandwiched with butter cream which I don’t personally like. A nut paste would have been better. The outer gets you a lot more excited but once you break the domes theres nothing much in it. A surprise like mousse , fruits etc would have been better or , the dome with creamaux dropped from a height could be better. Again my personal opinion.

But for a group of 6 this would be a good one.



The place is not officially launched yet, also unsure about the pricing.


Plot No 115, Road 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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