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There are many places in Hyderabad which serve milkshakes and thickshakes. The revolution started from the brands Thickshake factory and the makers of milkshakes. But just in a year or two there are easily about 200 outlets serving milkshakes and thickshakes.

Lets check this one out.



This brand comes all the way from London. The main branch in India is in Chandigarh. All the outlets under this name are run by franchises.

They have a very unique concept which no other brand has. They  have different designer glasses for each milkshake. So they have around 32 milkshakes and 32 different designs or themes. Apart from this , the fries and lemonades are served in tins which you can take home as souvenirs.

They are expected to open up stores in Chennai and Bangalore soon. Already open to public in Chandigarh , Ludhiana , Hyderabad and Vijayawada.



The place has both outdoor and indoor seating available. Its not a big place , has around 10 tables both combined. The interiors are done beautifully.

You have small colored bird houses on the walls on one side, posters of their products on the other. On the outer side they’ve got some lanterns, a few plants and can be enjoyed when the  weather is a bit normal and less traffic.

The themed cartoons or whatever they are called are all put on a wall which defines the place. They also have some uno cards and jenga placed on the tables just in case you want to have some fun.

Food and Beverage:

Let me first tell you the milkshakes , the burger bombs and most of the fries are pretty good. The lemonades have a bit of salt, just ask them to avoid adding it if you don’t like salt in your sodas. The cold coffee has got a little bitter caramel. not everyone ,might like it.

So the names are different and based on the themed glasses.

All the milkshakes are presented along with whipped cream and have the same base of ice cream. They are made with the finest quality ingredients which can be easily noticed once you sip into it.

  1. Ghostly ghost: Its a hazelnut and coffee based shake with a hint of hazelnuts , more of coffee. A coffee lovers delight.
  2. The legend: This one is a caramel based shake with a little rock salt. In simpler terms its a salted caramel shake. This was one amazing shake. A must try for me. I love caramel.
  3. Skittles: This is a different one because they use skittles candy in it. Skittles is a candy from USA which is chewy and fruity.
  4. The nutty Professor: This is peanut butter and chocolate. Even this was pretty good. Even this is a must try. It doesn’t have that fatty (heavyness) peanut butter taste in it.

Apart from these they have about 25 more shakes which you can give them a try.


We had cheesy fries, chicken pizza fries , jalapeno cheesy fries and peri peri fries.

Note: Do not go for peri peri fries. Thats something unusual in taste and tastes sour. I would avoid it anyday.

Apart from peri peri rest were very good. Like you cannot compare them with the peri peri.

The cheese sauce was very good and the best thing is that the cheese is put in the center layer as well and not just on top like the other places. The pizza one had a flavourful tomato sauce thats put on pizzas on top of the fries.


The lemonades havce the salt which i dont personally like. The cream sodas are decent but I felt they can cut down a bit on the icecream. The cold coffee is pretty decent (slighlt bitter caramel , slight burn flavour)

The burger boms again have 2 sliders in each portion. The chicken double double was good with two patties in each slider.

The paneer mango sriracha was another dish with a completely different flavour profile. The charred paneer along with a rich mayo and cheese, a mild sriracha and tomatoes and to cut it down the sweetness from the fresh mango works wonders.


If i consider the place for milkshakes , fries and sliders , I’d rate them a complete 5. Even now its a 5 because not all can satisfy your taste buds.


The pricing is very reasonable for the quality and locality. Apart from that for the taste and presentation its a steal deal.

The shakes are priced at 190 , fries around 150 , lemonades at 90 and burger bombs from 190 to 260 all inclusive are pretty reasonable when you compare to similar joints.


Road 1; Green View Plaza, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

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