Potaco – #makepotatogreat (from taco bell)

As we all know taco bell has all its product launces in a big way. This was a launch for “Potaco” which is a taco made with Potato.

Taco bell is a chain from the United States of America serving mexican food. The have about 7000 stores in the U.S. alone. They have 17 stores in India now.

Taco bell serves nachos , tacos , burritos and much more. Apart from the classic ones they have got new twists to the classics. Lets have a loot at a few of them.


What is a Potaco?

A Potaco is a new launch which can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Its basically a taco made with hash browns. The filling has tomatoes, lettuce , cheese sauce and a little cheese on top.

The hash brown is flattened into a circle and deep fried. Its then filled and tastes best when its hot.

How is it?

The taste is pretty good. Apart from the taste its the textures that have blown me away. The crispness from the potato taco and the soft tomatoes along with the cheesy sauce is to die for. I being a hardcore non vegetarian I liked this one over the chicken one.

How is it priced?

Each Potaco is priced at Inr 99+. The pricing is reasonable for what you get. The quality , the taste and the presentation makes it all worth.


Its got slightly rustic looking ambience. The tables and chairs made of wood with a good shine. They have matches or sports screened on the T.V. The counter to place your order is pretty big , you place your order and just tell them your table number and you can get it served on the table. A pictorial charminar one one side of the wall and some bar style seating on the other.

Address: L&T Mall, Unit 10, L5, Ward 89, Block E, Khairatabad, Panjagutta, Hyderabad

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