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The Marriott executive apartments are a sub section of the Marriott group. There are only 2 marriott executive apartments in india and are spread in 16 countries in total.

The one in hyderabad has got 75 apartments. There are studio rooms ,single bedroom and double bedroom room apartments.


Mazzo is the only restaurant and it is on the roof top. There is a pool outside with stunning views of the city and the botanical gardens. The restaurant is accessible to both walk ins and guests staying with them.

Its a multi cuisine restaurant with perfection. The taste , textures and presentation are well taken care of. They also have a bar counter to pair with your food.



The restaurant is approximately a 70 sseater on the inside with 3 tables by the poolside. The interiors are really well done with a few succulents on the tables. The chairs are cozy and the covers set up beautifully on the table.

But the actual beauty is on the outside. Have some food , go out and relax . Its pretty windy as its open. It really stands out when the atmosphere suits it , cool breeze and the view of the city on one side, botanical gardens on the other. If you are lucky you can spot some peacocks.

You just can express the ambience and the experience just by words. You’ll have to be there to experience it.


Food and Beverage:

Like I have told you earlier every dish has something that stands out. The finesse and perfection in the plating needs a special mention.

Every dish that came out looked really outstanding. Apart from the kitchen the bartender has also done a tremendous bit of work. You cannot really show much with drinks like we do in food. But here the scene was completely different.

We started with the soup. They had two soups , tomato and basil soup and murgh dhaniya shorba. The tomato one had a perfect tang with the hint of basil in it. A perfect kick. The murgh dhaniya shorba is a chicken and coriander soup. A little spice, The flavor from the stock and coriander with some chunks of meat was a perfect start.


Before moving to the appetizers we had a few mocktails to go along. The Marriotts inhouse specail mocktail, flavoured with mint and basil and a mango and fresh fruit based mocktail.


We had three vegetarian starters. Thai corn fritters, lal mirch paneer tikka and rajma galauti kebab.

The thai corn fitters , as the name suggests had thai influenced ingredients. A slight hint of chilly , coarse ground corn made into a patty. Seared on both the sides and finished with a drizzle of a thin creamy sauce.

The lal mirch panner tikka had a marination with yogurt , cumin powder, coriander powers , lots of red chilly power and was cooked in a tandoor. The paneer had that perfect bite in it along with the spicy marination.

The best of the vegetarian appetizers was the rajma galauti. The rajma was cooked and ground into a smooth paste. What really stood out to me was the smokyness it had. The smoky flavour from the tandoor or the dhunaar was really well done. It wasn’t overpowering.


For the non vegetarian ones we had lamb seekh kebabs, banjara murgh and threaded prawns.

The seekh kebab had the perfect blend of spices and meat. Like many places actually have that rawness of the aromats like garlic , ginger and onion which wasn’t the case here. I would have liked it to be slightly softer. But that can’t really keep me away.

The Banjara chicken was mild on spice and it was neither too rich. This was one such dish that actually has a balance and get back the rich mouthfeel to a halt. Perfectly seasoned and marinated. A much needed one.

The threaded prawns were Huge sized prawns with spaghetti or noddles wrapped around and deep fried until crisp. The sweet chilly sauce was the start for this dish. That really got those taste buds salivating.


For the mains we had pan seared stuffed chicken breast with risotto milanese  and Ravioli stuffed with ricotta and pine nuts with ratatouille.

The pan seared chicken had a stuffing with mushrooms and greens with a little garlic. The au jus along with the chicken added more flavour to it. The risotto milanese was a saffron infused risotto cooked with milk and cheese. The risotto milanese , au jus and chicken went really well. The chicken was slightly overcooked (tough meat) for my liking. Otherwise this was one memorable main course dish.


The ravioli had the richness of the stuffing from ricotta and pine nuts. The smooth ricotta and the crunchy pine nuts have those texture fells going on. To cut down the richness the tang from the tomatoes in the ratatouille did wonders. A perfectly balance dish.


We ended with some warm brownies and ice cream. Brownies and icecream justify the taste and experience on the whole. They can’t really go wrong. Perfect sweetness from the warn brownie along with a scoop of ice creams was a perfect end to the meal indeed.



Frankly speaking the pricing is very reasonable. The prices are about a 20% higher than the normal restaurants just beside this. But when you actually visit the place you’ll feel that you are lucky enough because you are just paying an excess of 20%. The place makes it perfect for any occasion.

Apart from the ala carte they have a Sunday brunch priced at 1999+ and you can avail a 50% off on the brunch on your next visit.

They are coming up with a three course menu priced at 599+ which would be a steal deal.



Marriott Executive Apartments, Level ST, SLN Terminus, Survey 133, Beside Botanical Gardens, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

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