Rendezvous – Partying with fine dine

Rendezvous means a meeting at an agreed time and place.

Rendezvous earlier known for partying now has taken a big step ahead to improve their food so that they can also cater as a fine dine restaurant. They have hired experienced personnel to improve their food quality.

We were there to try their new menu offerings.


This is setup in a huge place. They have indoor and outdoor dining as well. The indoors have the buffet that is spread in the center and tables around. Its well air conditioned , with a T.V. for sports screening, a live kitchen and music in the backgrounds.

The outdoors have a pool , tables near the bar counter and lively atmosphere. The outdoors in winters are the best. Also you have prior reservations and dine in the pool. (please check with the restaurant if they are still doing it).


We started with their Shanghai chicken soup. It was like a normal sweet corn soup with a few English vegetables in it. It had good chunks of chicken and was a thick soup.

For the veg appetizers we had chilly cheese corn rolls, vol au vent stuffed with cheese and bell pepper, hara bhara sticks and cottage cheese sliced and topped with salsa.

The chilly cheese corn rolls  and cottage cheese sliced with salsa were the stand out ones.

The chilly cheese rolls are similar to the spring rolls but stuffed with corn and cheese.

Vol au vent had puffs and cheese mixture on the top.

Hara bhara sticks were decent enough.  Patties made with green peas and some herbs and then put on sticks , crumbed and deep fried until crisp and golden brown.

For the non vegetarians we had mutton shikampuri, tala hua gosht, panko paprika fish,  galauti kebabd, hari mirch murgh tikka and chicken quesadilla.

The Standout ones were hari mirch murg tikka , tala hua gosht and panko fish.

The tala hua goah was outstanding. The masala , the texture of the meat were absolutely amazing. Smaller meat chunks are recommended though. I’d rate it a 5/5.

The hari mirch tikka was pretty good as well. But in a fine dine don’t put toothpicks on it. Doesn’t look good. Either remove them or get some fancy toothpicks.

The panko fish was one top dish. Perfectly crumbed and fried. But the paprika was missing. Just remove the paprika. it tastes absolutely good just like that.

Shikampur as well needed a bit of work. It had too much flavour of curry leaves in it. But it was decent not bad at all.

The galauti needs a lot of work to be done. The actual one is very soft and should just melt in mouth. The use of raw papaya is a must for galauti but that wasn’t the case here.

Then we moved on to the chicken pizza.

The crust was a little thick. Thin crust is what people are looking for at places like this. The sauce , cheese and the topping were all good.

The chicken was marinated and cooked in a tandoor and then was added as topping on the pizza.


We were already stuffed but we had to taste the main course.

The mains had Rara mutton, kothimeera chicken, gongura mutton, dal tadka , jhinga masala, paneer saagwala and murgh afghani.

My top picks were murgh afghani and rara mutton.

The rara mutton had chuncks of mutton and kheema in a spicy tomato based gravy. The kotimeera chicken had prominent taste of coriander and thats how its supposed to be. The afghani murg was creamy with cashews and topped with an omlette.

The dal tadka was also really well done.


Finished it on a sweet note.

A stuffed gulab jamun to end it.



Lane oppsite Jayabheri Meadows, Financial District, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

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