The Fishermans Wharf – A Glimpse of Goa in Hyderabad

The first outlet of the  Fishermans wharf started in the year 2005 on the banks of river Sal in the south of Goa. That being a huge success the team decided to take it to another level and spread the goan cuisine and culture to the other parts.

The Fishermans wharf offers numerous dishes of the goan province with the same authenticity. They include specialities like balchao, rachedo, xacuti , cafreal etc.

The hyderabad one is spread on a huge place giving it a resort like feel to it. They have outdoor and indoor seating available with a bar counter, live music and other activities.




The food here has a huge variety. Its not just goan food but also has continetal and other indian food as well, but the major being the goan cuisine.

If you are looking to visit the place make sure you have a big appetite and take food in small portion. A lot to try.

We started with the appetizers, being goan style you expect a lot of sea food.
Butter garlic prawns done to perfection , prawns just sauteed in butter and garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper.
The crab cakes were fried and pretty decent as well.
The cheese poppers also were decent but I would actually expect more of cheese and less of potato.
The cauliflower and prawns with a oriental touch were good.


I had a Sunday delight mocktail which had mango juice as a base with some grenardine. it was nice.

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I straight went into some chaat and waffles. Pretty good waffles and a good range of compotes.

Also there are slight drawbacks like the squid was overcooked and went rubbery. These can be easily rectified though.

But, This is undoubtedly the best buffet desserts I’ve ever had in Hyderabad. Even 5 star luxury hotels have cheaper dessert alternatives but then this was one step ahead.



One can say this is by far one of the best restaurants with such good ambience. Its located outside the city and is spread on a vast area.

Priced at 1600 AI (non alcoholic)
Priced at 2200 AI (alcohol included)

Address: 304, Puppalaguda, Financial District,ISB – Outer Ring Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

It’s definetly on the higher side but then a must visit for leisure , relaxing and good food.

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