Pista House Restaurant – Much more than Haleem

When we think of pista house we think of haleem. But the branch in kondapur has got much more to offer. This is a franchise taken over by a local ang has evrything coming from the main unit.

This now is a casual dine, multi cuisine restaurant. It serves some lipsmacking kebabs , curries and biryani.

Apart from this Pista House introduces itself as a progressive & vibrant bakery & sweet house that offers an excellent collection of the Choicest bakeries, Sweets and Haleem.

Today its a huge brand with branches in the U.S. , bangalore , vijaywada etc. soon planning food courts in Dubai, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia & Singapore.

So firstly let’s get this right, this is not just any other place that is only known for haleem and biryani. But trust me this is a brilliant place for some lip smacking food.
It’s my 4th time to the place but my go to was only biryani. That day was just not the same.


We started of with some mutton bone soup. Amazing on flavour , but had a little too much salt for my liking.


Then came in the kebabs, brilliant ones. Being fair and Frank I just like the chicken based kebabs. The mutton ones were okayish but I’m not a mutton kebab person unless it’s a minced version. The pahadi was the best of the lot, followed by the chicken majestic.
The mutton Mongolian was hard for me and into a Chinese version mutton isn’t a great choice for me.

For the mains , we had adraki murg, murgh muglai (white based gravy)(I am confused if it’s muglai or nizami), palak gosht. Really loved the chicken muglai , rich and yum. The adraki chicken had prominent taste of ginger as the name suggests. Palak gosh still had a slight raw taste of spinach.

Then came the king. The biryani. Apt amount of masala, perfectly cooked mutton and the well cooked rice. Definetly a star.

The desserts I feel need some work and efforts to be put in. They were slightly oversweet.

We had Gajar ka halwa, rabdi, kala jamun and qubani ka meetha.



You actually have a good place. It a fully air conditioned. It’s not a fully well done multi cuisine. But the food here definetly speaks.

Sometimes you might have stained table cloths which could be a problem.

It’s reasonably priced. With the location in mind the prices and the food go well with each other.

Address: Beside Bata Showroom, Opposite Botanical Garden, Kondapur, Hyderabad


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