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Gelato is ice cream made in the Italian style. Gelato is simply the Italian word for ice cream, but in English, it has come to mean specifically Italian or Italian-style ice cream.

The difference is that it is not airy and is much richer than icecream. Its creamier and has very little overrun.

Im not sure how the owner has come up with the name. I assume the name was derived from one of the two points below or both because the owner is also a fan of fictional characters.

Piccolo  is a fictional character in the dragon ball manga series.

The piccolo Italian for “small”.

This is a small , cute place run by Mr.Chanakya who has learnt the art of gelato making.


The basic gelato textures are smooth , and once you actually take a spoon of it you’re lost.
The flavour is delecate and keeps wanting more.

CHOCOLATE: The place has got a lot of chocolate flavours to choose from. Today we as a group had Sao thome (70%) , black monster (70%) , a milk chocolate base, a nutella and white chocolate with wafers.
The 70% is to die for for people who love dark chocolate. As soon as you take a spoon you have they perfect cocoa mouthfeel.

We had mango (chinna rasalu), strawberry yoghurt, Sicilian pistachio, almond high protein.
The pistachio is the best according to me. I love pistachio in desserts. But then the others weren’t far behind. Totally loved the mango and strawberry yoghurt.
The flavours were bang on.

They include vanilla bean, coffee which were good.

Bailey’s , salted caramel and the bubble gum banana were the house specials. Salted caramel has taken this to another new level.

They have also started with coffee now. We had a sample the last time.


They have 9 fixed and 9 rotational flavours on daily basis.

My search for some perfect gelatos ends here.
The gelatos are subtle , not over powering, smooth , creamy and natural.


It’s a pretty small well lit place. You wouldn’t be looking for a fancy ambience when you have such wonderful gelatos.
It’s neat , calm and well done.

The only pace I’ve seen has it’s pricing according to the ingredients of the prices.
From coffee priced at 83 (AI) to pistachio at 189(AI). Mango at 120 I guess.
The pricing is pretty reasonable for some quality product.


Shop 6 D2-17/1/SV/G1 & G5 Swapna Vihar, Khanamet Village, Kondapur, Hyderabad

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